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Nonwovens is a relatively new industry that is replacing and improving conventional materials ranging from diapers to airplane parts. 

Causey Engineering Associates have expertise in much of the raw material science and processes, (including polypropylene-base spun-bound and melt-blown fabrics, both rigid or elastic) as well as in the equipment used to manufacture what has been absorbed into an industry called nonwovens. Even though the textile industry claims the nonwovens industry, the petrochemical and paper industries have also advanced nonwovens. (Naming an industry a “non” something-or-other leaves its scope rather undefined!)

During the last 50 years many international participants in this composite industry have developed the science and application of specialized fibers. These new, advanced engineering fibers enable manufacturers to produce web structures and improved new products that compete with traditional materials. Causey’s knowledge and experience in the Nonwovens industry and Forensic Engineering is available now for your case. See Dr. Armenag Dekmezian and Gerald Hietpas P.E. CV’s on the website.

Nonwovens encompass products with vastly different properties for a wide spectrum of applications. They include new as well as improved products. Nonwovens include use of engineered fiber and polymer based products. In addition to the few examples below for personal care and construction, nonwovens are used for medical, leisure & travel, school & office, as well as industrial applications. A book titled “Introduction to Nonwovens Technology” by Subhash K. Batra and Behnam Pourdeyhimi is an excellent reference.  


Tyvek is a non woven product. It is used extensively in construction as shown because of its durability as a long lasting moisture and air barrier, performing the function better than tar paper. 


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