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Following are brief comments describing the main issues on cases Causey has worked on in recent times. They are grouped by the type of Industry or Discipline.



What obligations does the equipment manufacturer have to prevent the user employee from injury while cleaning conveyor equipment in Texas?
  • IN - Rendering Plant Explosion Analysis :
  • What must be done to prevent this Indiana Plant explosion from happening again in the Corporations other pet food manufacturing plants?
  • TX - Pie Crust Line :
  • Was the guarding adequate for the dough feeder in Texas?


    What should be the expected board feet yield of tone wood from timber logged in the Prince George area, and what were the skills of the parties involved to realize that potential in the Canadian and Idaho plants?
  • MS & IL - Lumber Band Break :
  • Did the Mississippi lumber mill properly load and haul the truck of timbers that fell on the customers employee when cutting steel bands in Illinois?
  • NY - Lumber Band Break :
  • Did the home improvement center employee use proper precautions while cutting steel bands in New York?
  • TX - Lumber Band Break :
  • Did the lumberyard employee take proper precautions for the customer when cutting steel bands from a unit of lumber in Texas?
  • CA - Lumber Re-manufacturing Kick-back Accident:
  • What are the standard practices for operating a finger jointer and edger that caused a Temp employees hand to be cut off in California?
  • WA - Plywood Vault Entrapment :
  • Did the design firm omit a safety device that would have prevented an employee from being trapped in a scalding steam vault in Washington?
  • NC - Saw Mill Edger Accident :
  • What is the division of responsibilities between the equipment supplier, sawmill owner, and an employee in an accident where the employee broke both arms when his clothing wrapped around an unguarded shaft in North Carolina?
  • WV Saw Mill Unscrambler Accident : What is a sawmill unscrambler and its limitations? How must un-edged boards be fed to it? How must it be maintained to function as intended; and what could have been done to keep the worker out of harms way?

    How do construction millwrights work safely on luggage conveyers in Florida?
  • TX - Front End Loader Brake Failure :
  • Did the front-end loader brakes fail, and were they properly maintained in Texas?




    Boiler Electrostatic Precipitator Unplugging Accident : What were the owners actions and the designers shortcomings that caused a Contractor to get burned while vacuuming ash from an electrostatic precipitator in Alabama?
  • OH -
  • Corrugated Container Plant Cyclone Plug Accident : What were the circumstances that caused an employee to enter a cyclone and fall into the automatic bailer below and be fatality crushed by the bailer in Ohio?
  • NM - Paper Baler Accident :
  • What were the circumstances that caused an employee at recycle paper plant to have his leg sheared off in New Mexico?