OSHA regulations are published in the "Code of Federal Regulations", which is categorized by "Titles" and "Parts".

The development of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations are not work of a clueless bureaucrat. Generally it is a consensus of a group of people who are involved in an industry, albeit with many different perspectives. These people include plant owners, labor union representatives, insurance firms, safety professionals, and suppliers of equipment and services, as well as government folks. And together, they developed a document that they could live with. So there is wisdom in the regulations.   

OSHA is more correctly named the Williams and Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. I knew Representative Bill Steiger from our High School days.  (He died as a young man from diabetes.) When OSHA became the new Safety law, my job position required me to get our plant into physical compliance. Accordingly, I studied OSHA materials and attended seminars. I became recognized within the company as well informed on OSHA.

I understand the difficult issues and challenges associated with the employees and employers in industry as they endeavor to carry out their responsibilities and authority imposed on them. 

Now my work with Causey Engineering brings me in regular contact with OSHA, or a state administered approved plan, as well as Standards such as ANSI and ASTM, which sometimes is the basis for the OSHA regulations. I augment the OSHA regulations by visiting the OSHA website to read the Interpretations therein.

My personal library includes the "Code of Federal Regulations, Labor, Title 29, Part 1910 and 1926." I also have the "Construction Industry Digest", and the "General Industry Digest". I refer to these in my work, and in the Reports I author for litigation in various courts. I subscribe to about five industry magazines that address safety issues.

I also have the regulations for the various "OSHA State Approved Plans".





Refer to "Industries" and click on the specific industry for industry-related safety topics and examples. 

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